eBook Guide to Data Discovery for Regulatory Compliance

As a digitally-driven business, you're constantly collecting and storing data. The types of data you collect and the number of data sources you use grows every day. You know how important it is to have visibility to all of the assets and data on your network, but managing rapid sprawl and unstructured data is difficult, especially if you're using disparate tools and methods.  This guide takes a look at the most common frameworks and regulations to offer data discovery, classification and management insights you can apply within your organization to simplify compliance exercises.


Being able to demonstrate HOW you 'tick the box' supports compliance.

Having the ability to understand the data you have on your network (data discovery), and the types of data you're accumulating (data classification) underpins every data privacy and security regulation, and helps you 'tick the box' when you're navigating compliance exercises. 

This guide will review:

  • The security risks businesses face and how data protection requirements are changing.
  • Sensitive data classification types and where they live on business networks.
  • Data management, reporting and compliance ownership within the business.
  • Global, regional and industry-level security and data privacy regulations.
  • How data discovery and classification mapping can simplify compliance exercises.