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Your support means a lot! We understand that leaving a review can feel overwhelming, but don't worry, we've got your back! We've provided easy-to-follow instructions and some frequently asked questions to guide you through the process of submitting your G2 review. It's super simple, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.


Why are reviews important to Cavelo?

As we continue to build our product at Cavelo, it's important for us to understand what our customers want so we can prioritize product changes. Reviews also help others find the best solution for their organization and your valuable insights give them a head start!

Do I need a G2 account to leave a review?

Yes. You’ll need to create a profile to leave a review. You can create one with your LinkedIn credentials or your business email so G2 can verify your information.​

Are G2 reviews anonymous?

Yes. Near the end of the review form is an area that says, “I would like this review to appear as unattributed.” When you click the checkbox, your name and image won’t be public.​

Can I update my review after it's been accepted?

Yes. You can edit or update any of your reviews to reflect your current experience and understanding of our product.

Still have questions?

Please reach out to our marketing team. We're here to help!