Solution Brief: Data Discovery & Protection for Law Firms

Growing regulatory reporting requirements and complex cybersecurity threats make managing compliance and risk initiatives tough, especially when your firm lacks the technical in-house expertise to manage it. When it comes to protecting your firm’s data and mitigating reputational risk, limiting your risk of data exposure and streamlining due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) processes takes top priority.

Get a handle on your data, simplify risk reporting, and protect your firm’s reputation with the Cavelo platform.

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Rethink the way your firm manages and tracks its sensitive data.

The public nature of the legal system makes your firm vulnerable to a growing number of cybersecurity risks like data leaks and ransomware. The sheer volume of data your practice collects and stores on an ongoing basis makes keeping track of sensitive data types and how it’s being used tough – leading to painful and sometimes next to impossible DDQ requests.


This guide will review:


New and emerging data protection examples.


Industry data protection best practices.


Key application uses.


A Cavelo platform and capabilities overview.