Smart Cities Webinar

The Smart City evolution is here, with emerging innovations and technology. Creating new economic and social opportunities while posing challenges to security and expectations of privacy. Are you positioned to address these challenges?

Whether you’re a utility or municipality servicing a small rural region, or a large city with millions of customers, you’ve got lots of sensitive, unstructured data across multiple file shares. Growing data privacy and protection regulations mean that every employee across the business has an obligation to know what sensitive customer data the business has, so the business can better protect it.


Watch cybersecurity industry veteran and Cavelo CEO James Mignacca and Connex Founder David Van Remortel as they cover:

  • The different types of sensitive data your business uses and stores, and why that matters.
  • How top threats like ransomware and phishing schemes make sensitive data vulnerable to risk and exploit.
  • Top tips and best practices IT staff, clerks and frontline team members can apply to protect your customer's sensitive data, meet compliance requirements and streamline data management.
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