Simplified data protection

Map your sensitive data and unique vulnerabilities to best practice benchmarks with continuous data discovery and classification

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The first step to securing your business’ data is to discover it.

Your company’s data is everywhere, from business networks to cloud applications and employee endpoints. Data is your company’s most prized possession and managing it is key to keeping it out of hacker’s hands. Let’s face it - tracking and managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) across machines, servers and cloud applications on your own is next to impossible.

Having complete visibility to sensitive data and the ability to track data across or beyond the network is key to managing and mitigating data risk. Focus on building your zero-trust architecture and easily automate and unify key processes by discovering and classifying data types that are difficult to track, like passport information, licenses, addresses, credit card numbers and health information.

Introducing the Cavelo Platform

Powered by machine learning, the Cavelo platform continuously scans your company's cloud applications, cloud hosted servers and on-premises servers and desktops to identify, classify, track, protect and report on sensitive data.

The Cavelo platform is an on-premises and cloud compatible data discovery, tracking and classification solution designed to support data protection and cybersecurity compliance.


Data Protection

Map your sensitive data and unique vulnerabilities to best practice benchmarks like the NIST cybersecurity framework and Center for Internet Security CIS benchmarks. 


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Inventory & Asset Discovery

Uncover sensitive data and get a handle on data sprawl with always-on data discovery and classification that auto-classifies all data files, including picture and video files. 


Risk Management

Risk Management

Leverage risk benchmarking that prioritizes remediation tasks and applies data and vulnerability findings to pinpoint your real-time breach risks and costs. 



Data Tracking

Track your data wherever it lives on your network and set up real-time alerts that flag and track data in motion – giving you time to act before data compromise.



Data Governance Reporting

Achieve compliance with reporting capabilities that align to global standards, and rule-based alerts to detect and track data movement across the network.


Get a handle on your company’s attack surface management, regulatory compliance and data risk requirements

As your company's PII stash grows, so does your data risk and compliance requirements. Achieving compliance is time consuming, complicated and expensive, yet a data breach and non-compliance fines could be catastrophic.

The Cavelo Platform and its all-in-one reporting capabilities makes tracking and managing your digital assets and sensitive data easy, saving you and your team time and money.


Real-time risk assessments keep you ahead of rolling compliance requirements and on top of risk management.


Leverage the platform to identify and align to the regulators and data requirements that matter to your business.


Achieve compliance with Cavelo’s automated data classification and compliance reporting dashboard.

Cavelo Offers Pricing That's Easy on Your Budget, and Right-Sized for Your Business

Depending on the type of business you are, and the industry you operate in, your data protection and data compliance requirements will vary. That’s why the Cavelo platform is offered as a right-sized platform that can meet your needs today and scale with your business as you grow, regardless of how many data sources, cloud applications and endpoints connect to your network. 

Our pricing model is simple and starts based on the number of data sources you have within your organization. 

Try Before You Buy 

We’re confident the Cavelo platform will change the way you think about data discovery and compliance reporting, which is why we offer a no-strings-attached 30-day FREE trial, as well as affordable monthly subscription packages. 


Don't Know Where to Start?

Data protection can be an overwhelming topic for IT teams. If you're an IT or security leader at a midsized organization, you know how complex the practice of cybersecurity has become, especially when you have limited time and resources to manage it. Yet as complex as cybersecurity is, data protection boils down to having good security hygiene and baseline processes in place to guard your data.

Download the data protections guide to understand how you can organize and prioritize data security and best practice planning.



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