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Simplified Data Protection and Attack Surface Management

Achieve Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) with always-on asset and sensitive data discovery, classification and risk management.

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The first step to securing your business's data is to discover it.

As your business adds new digital assets its attack surface grows, increasing cyber risk and the chance of a data leak or security breach.

Data is your business's most critical asset, which is why the Cavelo platform leads with data discovery that finds sensitive data wherever it lives. Consolidate costly spend and get greater visibility across your tech stack with a customizable dashboard and features that match your unique business requirements and regulatory frameworks.

See how:

Platform Capabilities

Cut costly security spend with a single platform that delivers complete visibility.

Powered by machine learning, the Cavelo platform continuously scans your company's cloud applications, cloud hosted servers and on-premises servers and desktops to identify, classify, track, protect and report on sensitive data.

Cavelo is an on-premises and cloud compatible Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) platform. It's designed to easily help you and your team align to industry best practices and understand where sensitive data lives in your business, how it's protected, where it's been used and who has access to it.

align to industry best practices

Data Protection

"How well protected is my data?"

Map your sensitive data and unique vulnerabilities to best practice benchmarks like the NIST cybersecurity framework and Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.


Inventory & Digital Asset Discovery

"How can I keep track of assets deployed across my environment?"

Uncover sensitive data and get a handle on data sprawl with always-on data discovery and classification that auto-classifies all digital assets and the digital files they contain, including picture and video files.


Risk Management

"How do I benchmark and understand my data risk or liability?"

Leverage risk benchmarking that applies data and vulnerability findings to prioritize remediation and pinpoint your real-time breach risks and costs.


Data Tracking

"Is my data where it's supposed to be?"

Track your data wherever it lives in your environment and set up real-time alerts that flag and track data in motion – giving you time to act before data compromise.


Data Governance

"How can I standardize governance practices that ensure broad regulatory alignment?"

Achieve compliance with reporting capabilities that align to global standards, as well as rule-based alerts that detect and track data movement across your business.


Data Access

"Who has access to shared data?"

Mitigate breaches and misconfigurations with data access discovery and auditing capabilities that complement your identity and access management strategy.

Get a handle on attack surface management, regulatory compliance and data risk requirements

As the volume of personally identifiable information (PII) your business collects grows, so does your data risk and compliance requirements. Achieving compliance can be time consuming, complicated and expensive, but a data breach or non-compliance fine could be catastrophic.

The Cavelo platform and its all-in-one reporting capabilities makes tracking and managing your digital assets and sensitive data easy, saving you and your team time and money.


Real-time risk assessments keep you ahead of rolling compliance requirements and on top of risk management.


Leverage the platform to identify and align to the regulators and data protection that matter to your business.


Achieve compliance with Cavelo’s automated data classification and compliance reporting dashboard.


Take a Self-Guided Platform Tour

Explore how Cavelo can work for your specific business needs and security use cases. See how our platform can manage your company's digital assets and sensitive data, all through a single pane of glass.

Crop of Cavelo product dashboard

Kind words from great customers

"We're able to target key compliance issues, take action to reduce risks effectively and deliver reports that are translated in language understood by executives."


Director, Information Technology, Chaitons LLP

"Our goal is to make Cavelo the cornerstone of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program and use its data discovery features to help us identify potential information leaks."

Robert Preduta

Director IT & Operations, WeirFoulds LLP

"The platform allows security and compliance professionals to identify risks related to data exposure and drive decision making to ensure the security of their data."

ben tercha

Vice President of Operations, Omega Systems

"Deployment was simple and the platform itself is easy to operate and easy to explain to team members."

vinod paul

Chief Operating Officer, Align

"Cavelo helps us to identify and track all the personally identifiable information (PII) stored on our systems and PCs. ... It was easy to install and we were up and running very quickly. The quick view dashboard of information is highly valuable."


Vice President, IT & Chief Information Officer

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