Asset Discovery

Continuous scanning of your customers' networks to track assets.
No hardware required.

Never lose track of what's on your customers' network

Discover known and unknown network devices and assets, then schedule regular scans across your customers' IT environments to remain compliant.

Uncover all your assets

Discover desktops, servers, switches, routers, and IoT devices

Visualize your networks

Discover network assets and what software they have or need

Get compliant

Ensure compliance and show that you have coverage across all your network assets

Know your environment inside and out

Discover your devices and assets, then classify and inventory the data that resides across them, for complete visibility into your IT environment.

Classify data by type

Discover what types of data you’re storing and where

Privacy-first culture

Create policies around data custody, retention, and more

Get compliant

Show your customers you care about their data privacy

We make it easy to see the full picture

Discover every asset in your networks and uncover hidden assets to strengthen your security posture and IT operations.


Visualize all your customers' subnets to uncover rogue or forgotten assets in their network.


Get the data you need to be able to track down and bring customer devices to compliance.


Ensure that mandatory software is installed on only the machines where it should be.

ASSET discovery made easy

Always stay up to speed on what lives where

Keeping track of devices coming and going is hard work. How can you possibly manage or protect assets that you don’t know about? Cavelo’s Asset Discovery helps ensure that your customers' asset inventory is always up to date.

Schedule regular scans across your customers' entire IT landscape – from workstations, servers, virtual machines, switches, routers, and cloud instances to network devices, you can feel confident about what’s in their IT environment at any given moment.

What to expect

Configure automated scans on your network so you’re alerted when an unauthorized device is added

Understand when devices on your network are missing software required by your organization

Set policies to allow or disallow different types of devices on different parts of your network

Amplify the insights driven by our Asset Discovery and Classification module

Create risk maps to identify networks that are at a higher risk of breach

"Aside from detecting PII across all of our infrastructure, monitoring vulnerabilities is extremely accurate. In addition, providing visibility about missing or non-sanctioned software is a huge win for us!"

Christopher A.

Small-Business Customer

Seamless service integrations

We integrate with all the technology you and your customers are already using so you can get started in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cavelo assist with specific compliance acts?

Yes, Cavelo helps support with many different regulatory compliance acts such as GDPR, NIST, CCPA, CMMC, LAW 25 (Bill 64), and SEC rules.

How does asset discovery help with compliance requirements?

Asset discovery supports compliance with various regulatory standards such as GDPR, NIST, CCPA, CMMC, Law 25, and more, by ensuring the accurate tracking and management of assets to protect sensitive data.

What is asset discovery?

Asset discovery is the process of identifying, cataloguing, and documenting all IT assets in their data environments.

What types of assets can Cavelo discover?

Cavelo can discover desktops, servers, switches, routers, and IoT devices across all on-premises, cloud, and/or hybrid environments.

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