Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Cavelo and how we wrk.


Can Cavelo help with data migration projects?

Cavelo's continuous data mapping capabilities can help mitigate the challenges of a data migraiton. Avoid data loss, security breaches, and operational disruption with Cavelo to maintain data integriy, security, and accuracy throughout the project.

Is Cavelo FedRAMP authorized?

No, Cavelo is not FedRAMP authorized.

What does the Cavelo platform do?

Cavelo's consolidated attack surface management platform helps MSPs discover and classify their customers' sensitive data to measure their cyber risk and reduce the risk of a costly breach.

Why do I need another security tool?

Cavelo helps consolidate multiple tools into one, so your business can save money and become more operationaly efficient while eliminating redundant tools in your tech stack.


Can I create custom data classification labels for my data?

Absolutely! You can start with the platform's pre-set classifications and then customize and add additional classification types based on the unique data types you and your customers require.

Does Cavelo have an open API?

Yes, and we will help integrate with any business intelligence software.

Does Cavelo integrate with any PSA tools?

Yes, we support all the major PSA tools including ConnectWise and ServiceNow. We are continually working to add additional compatibilities.

Does Cavelo support SSO and MFA?

Yes, and yes!


How does Cavelo help fill security gaps for their partners?

The Cavelo platform leverages data insights and visibility so MSPs can better understand their customer's sensitive data environment: how that data is being stored, where it lives, and what's at risk. MSPs can use this contextual information to help their customers make decisions about the best way to manage and protect their sensitive data.

Is the Cavelo platform built for multi-tenancy use?

Yes, the Cavelo platform is purpose-built for multi-tenancy use.


How do I try Cavelo?

We suggest taking a self-guided product tour and then scheduling a demo so we can discuss your specific data security needs before deploying a trial.

How much does Cavelo cost?

To learn more about pricing for your business, please schedule a demo to discuss options with our sales team.


Will the Cavelo agent slow down my systems?

No, the Cavelo platform uses a thin client that takes up minimal resources and can be scheduled for use outside of working business hours.

What operating systems does Cavelo support?

We support all current versions of Windows, Apple, and Linux.

How do I deploy the agent?

After receiving your login details and visiting the dashboard, you'll be able to download agents directly from our agents page.


Does Cavelo make copies of sensitive data?

We have designed our solution to never copy, move, or exfiltrate your customers' private or sensitive information.

What kind of reporting is available?

Cavelo offers high-level executive reporting, as well as granular reporting specific to data discovery and classification, asset discovery, identity access management, and risk-based vulnerability management.

Does Cavelo assist with specific compliance acts?

Yes, Cavelo helps support with many different regulatory compliance acts such as GDPR, NIST, CCPA, CMMC, LAW 25 (Bill 64), and SEC rules.

Is Cavelo SOC compliant?

Yes, Cavelo is SOC 2 Type II compliant. For more information, please see our security page.

Want to schedule a demo?

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