Always-on Attack Surface Management, Built for MSPs

Led by data discovery, identity access management, asset discovery and risk-based vulnerability management


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The Cavelo Attack Surface Management platform helps you continuously identify, classify, and report on your customers' sensitive data

Data Discovery and Classification

Discover your devices and assets, then classify and inventory the data that resides across them, for complete visibility into your IT environment.

Custom classifiers to classify your private sensitive data by type

Visibility in hybrid environments with remote users and cloud applications

Executive reporting and easy-to-use query selection for detailed operational reporting

Asset Discovery

Discover known and unknown network devices and assets, then schedule regular scans across your IT environment to remain compliant.

Understand when devices on your network are missing software required by your organization

Set policies to allow or disallow different types of devices on different parts of your network

Configure automated scans on your network so you’re alerted when an unauthorized device is added

Identity Access Management

Know exactly what permissions users have and when they access critical or costly data.

Implement privileged access management solutions

Permissions scanning across hybrid environments

Simple to understand who can access and who has accessed sensitive data

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Bring CVSS and EPSS scores into the context of your environment and data.

Endpoint, internal network, and external vulnerability scanning for Mac, Windows, and Linux endpoints

Industry-leading vulnerability feeds with regular updates from a top-tier provider

Vulnerability scanning support across 9,700+ different vulnerable products

Seamless service integrations

We integrate with all the technology you and your customers are already using so you can get started in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cavelo have an open API?

Yes, and we will help integrate with any business intelligence software.

Does Cavelo integrate with any PSA tools?

Yes, we support all the major PSA tools including ConnectWise and ServiceNow. We are continually working to add additional compatibilities.

Does Cavelo support SSO and MFA?

Yes, and yes!

How do I deploy the agent?

After receiving your login details and visiting the dashboard, you'll be able to download agents directly from our agents page.

What kind of reporting is available?

Cavelo offers high-level executive reporting, as well as granular reporting specific to data discovery and classification, asset discovery, identity access management, and risk-based vulnerability management.

What operating systems does Cavelo support?

We support all current versions of Windows, Apple, and Linux.

Will the Cavelo agent slow down my systems?

No, the Cavelo platform uses a thin client that takes up minimal resources and can be scheduled for use outside of working business hours.

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Save time, resources, and budget with one tool that measures, manages, and reduces cyber risk.

Your security use cases are evolving – your data risk management strategy should, too.

Knowing where your data lives and what data you have helps your business align to industry best practices, achieve regulatory compliance, and manage overall cybersecurity risk.

"Cavelo compliments our IT platform and completes an essential layer of data protection. We have been able to leverage Cavelo to put the power into our clients hands when it comes to data access and governance with their sensitive data."

Vinod Paul

CEO, Align Communications

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