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The Cavelo Platform

Simplified attack surface management, led by data discovery and classification.

Cavelo is an intuitive platform designed to help you and your team get a handle on your company's digital assets and sensitive data, all through a single pane of glass.

It’s no surprise that the sensitive data that lives within your organization grows every day. As you add new servers, applications and endpoints, the sensitive data your business uses, stores and shares can move to potentially unsafe or unsecured locations. Your business handles high volumes of unstructured data, driving up your data sprawl and cybersecurity risk.

Your security use cases are evolving – your attack surface management strategy should, too. Knowing where your data lives and what data you have helps your business align to industry best practices, achieve regulatory compliance and manage overall cybersecurity risk.  

rapid time to value

Getting started with Cavelo is simple

The Cavelo Platform downloads in minutes, installing its lightweight agent for turnkey set-up and onboarding, meaning you can improve your data protection, data compliance and data discovery processes quickly.


Benefit from machine learning that automatically uncovers sensitive data, reduces false positives and safely processes metadata through Cavelo’s cloud-hosted servers.


Access and manage data from popular cloud services like Office365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox and more with Cavelo’s built-in API connectors.


Auto-classify sensitive information like personal banking, social security and employment information based on your company's unique environment and needs.

Your data protection starts here.

Your security defense strategy starts with industry standard, battled-tested best practices. Cavelo helps map your organization’s sensitive data and unique vulnerabilities to best practice benchmarks like NIST standards and the CIS (Center for Internet Security) Controls, a list of 18 core security controls and guidance to achieve them.

The Cavelo dashboard is a single pane of glass that provides visibility into data discovery, vulnerabilities, software deployments and data access, all with configurable policies. With intuitive and customizable features, you can easily configure the Cavelo platform to match your business's unique requirements and regulatory frameworks.

Key features

Take advantage of agent-based and remote network scanning that provides you with actionable vulnerability reports.

Create custom policies and alerts, access audit reports and manage compliance reporting through Cavelo’s easy-to-use dashboard.

Detect data loss and get alerts to unexpected or accidental PII data travel beyond your endpoints and infrastructure.

Improve IT team efficiency with a heat map that prioritizes your team’s efforts on the tasks that matter most.

Build an audit trail to monitor how your company's data moves inside and outside your organization.

Customize PII and sensitive data classifications based on information type and your company’s unique needs.

Keep track of data on stolen or lost company equipment.

Seamless Service Integrations

Our platform’s key pillars, service integrations and process automation give you the ability to customize your dashboard and features to match your unique business requirements and regulatory frameworks.

Not sure where to start? Take a Tour!

Crop of Cavelo product dashboard

Kind words from great customers

"We're able to target key compliance issues, take action to reduce risks effectively and deliver reports that are translated in language understood by executives."


Director, Information Technology, Chaitons LLP

"Our goal is to make Cavelo the cornerstone of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program and use its data discovery features to help us identify potential information leaks."

Robert Preduta

Director IT & Operations, WeirFoulds LLP

"The platform allows security and compliance professionals to identify risks related to data exposure and drive decision making to ensure the security of their data."

ben tercha

Vice President of Operations, Omega Systems

"Deployment was simple and the platform itself is easy to operate and easy to explain to team members."

vinod paul

Chief Operating Officer, Align

"Cavelo helps us to identify and track all the personally identifiable information (PII) stored on our systems and PCs. ... It was easy to install and we were up and running very quickly. The quick view dashboard of information is highly valuable."


Vice President, IT & Chief Information Officer

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