Our Story

Our mission is to help IT and security teams get visibility to their business's sensitive data, so they can protect it.

Data privacy and protection have never been more important, but the reality is that knowing where to start is tough for businesses juggling limited resources, noisy tools and an ever-evolving threat landscape. 

We've lived in the security trenches and understand the pressures that IT and security teams face on a daily basis. The cybersecurity marketplace is noisy, making it tough for teams to choose technology that fits their unique needs, matches their security outcomes and delivers on the promise to make their life a little easier.

We live and breathe cybersecurity & data privacy

Cavelo is a group of passionate cybersecurity and data privacy professionals. We’re a team of engineers, analysts, risk management and compliance experts with decades spent in the cybersecurity industry. We’ve worked with some of the industry’s fastest growing companies, and we’re proud to have founded and sold innovative tech start-ups to those same companies. 

At Cavelo we're re-imagining what attack surface management looks like, and are deeply committed to delivering on three core tenets:

Make it simple

The modern security tech stack serves a valuable purpose, but it's also created data silos that make it harder to manage remediation guidance and actions. We believe simplified security starts with data discovery, because knowing where your data lives drives even greater value from existing security investments.

Make it affordable

Legacy and traditional security solutions were designed for large enterprises, and come with  enterprise-sized price tags. We're committed to making attack surface management accessible to all companies, regardless of their size and security budget.

Make it Innovative

Traditional security solutions simply don't match the way businesses connect and operate today. The types of data businesses collect, store and share is constantly changing and growing, which is why we're on a mission to offer a solution that continuously innovates security, so leaders can focus on innovating their business.

Leadership & Board of Directors

James Mignacca

CEO & Board Member

Scott Hamilton

CFO & Board Member

Matt Koivisto

Vice President, Engineering

Brendan Reekie

Chief Software Architect

Kris Shoemaker

Head of Channel

Marc Morin

Board Member

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