Simplifying data protection and risk management

Our Story

Cavelo is committed to solving the data paradigm – having the ability to discover and track the sensitive data your business has so you can proactively reduce your business’ data risk.

Data privacy and protection have never been more important, but the reality is that knowing where to start is tough for small and midsized enterprises, especially in today’s economic climate. We get that resource and budget-strapped businesses like yours are trying to juggle digital transformation, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

We live and breathe cybersecurity & data privacy

Cavelo is a group of passionate cybersecurity and data privacy professionals. We’re a team of engineers, analysts, risk management and compliance experts with more than 20 combined years in the cybersecurity industry. We’ve worked with some of the industry’s fastest growing companies - and we’re proud to have founded and sold innovative tech start-ups to those same companies. At Cavelo, our mission is to deliver simple solutions to midsized enterprises as they navigate complex cybersecurity and compliance challenges.


Do you want to join the data protection revolution?


Leadership & Board of Directors

James Mignacca

CEO & Board Member

Scott Hamilton

CFO & Board Member

Matt Koivisto

Vice President, Engineering

Mandy Bachus

Vice President, Marketing

Kris Shoemaker

Head of Channel

Marc Morin

Board Member