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Read our expert insights on the changing threat landscape, industry trends, and best practices that your team can apply to its cybersecurity program.

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Corporate office workers having a discussion
Data Protection
6 min read

MSP Insights: Prioritizing Top Attack Surface Use Cases

Businesses are increasingly seeking MSP partnerships. Learn how Cavelo addresses top attack surface use cases, minimizes risk, fosters differentiation and grows revenue.
Closeup of desk with two people writing on notepads
Data Protection
5 min read

Cyber Insurance Requirements: What Security Capabilities Do Insurers Look For?

This blog reviews the security capabilities cyber insurers look for, whether you’re taking out a new cyber insurance policy or renewing an existing one.
Two healthcare workers looking at a tablet
Data Protection
4 min read

Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) - What You Need to Know

HIPAA covers a series of data privacy and security standards designed to protect health information—data discovery and classification can help businesses achieve compliance.
Office workers walking down a hallway
Data Protection
4.5 min read

Value for Money: 5 Ways MSPs and Their Customers Can Improve Attack Surface Management

Read on to learn how MSPs and their customers can collaborate to achieve and improve attack surface management.
Man standing up holding laptop
Data Classification
4.5 min read

Understanding the Four Objectives of Data Classification

Classification of data varies across industries and data sensitivity. This blog explores the objectives of data classification for attack surface management.
Closeup of hands typing on a laptop
Data Loss
5 min read

How to Minimize the Impact of Data Loss on Your Business

Minimizing the impact of data loss starts with prevention. Read on to learn how you can improve your organization’s security maturity and mitigate data loss.