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Read our expert insights on the changing threat landscape, industry trends, and best practices that your team can apply to its cybersecurity program.

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Paper checklist on a table with a loose pen on top
Data Privacy
3.5 min read

Complying with Quebec Privacy Law Bill 25 – What You Need to Know

This September organizations in Quebec will face stiff penalties if found non-compliant with Law 25 (previously Bill 64). Here’s what you need to know to ensure compliance.
View of man from behind sitting at a desk with three monitors in front of him
Data Security
4.5 min read

How to Optimize Your Tech Stack to Drive Better Security Outcomes

Getting the most out of your security investments is more than demonstrating ROI. Learn how you can strengthen your security posture while simplifying your tech stack.
Cropped shot of hands writing on paper
Data Protection
3.5 min read

Data Protection Strategy: Understanding the 7 Steps to Cyber Resilience

Having the right processes in place before an attack happens helps organizations minimize damage and quickly restore normal operations. Learn 7 steps to achieve cyber resilience.
Man wearing glasses looking at monitor with graphs and charts
Data Protection
4 min read

How to Implement a Data-Centric Security Framework

Implement a data-centric security framework for robust attack surface management. Ensure alignment to industry best practice recommendations with these 5 steps.
Man and woman standing between semi trucks looking at an iPad
Data Security
4 min read

A Guide to Data Security Management in the Transportation Industry

Cybercriminals are increasingly attacking the transportation sector. Read on for 5 data security management best practices in the transportation industry.
Headshot of eSentire founder Eldon Sprickerhoff
Data Protection
5 min read

Why Attack Surface Management is Key to Solving Cybersecurity’s Visibility Problem

Cavelo CEO James Mignacca and MDR pioneer and eSentire founder Eldon Sprickerhoff explore how attack surface management addresses cybersecurity’s visibility problem.