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Read our expert insights on the changing threat landscape, industry trends, and best practices that your team can apply to its cybersecurity program.

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Person at desk using a laptop and mobile device for MFA
Data Protection
5 min read

What is Access Control Management — and Does Your Business Need It?

Access control management and attack surface management are interconnected security strategies. Read on for best practices you can apply to support both.
Headshots of Eldon Sprickerhoff and James Mignacca
Data Security
3.5 min read

Data Security Posture Management Key to Effective Security Stack Consolidation

This Q&A with Cavelo’s advisory board chairman Eldon Sprickerhoff reveals how data security posture management is shifting security tool selection and security stack consolidation.
Two men sitting at a desk analyzing data on a computer monitor
Data Protection
4 min read

Attack Surface Management 101: What is it and How Has it Changed?

This blog explores popular attack surface threat vectors, and the steps businesses can take for attack surface management.
Woman at desk looking at monitor
Data Protection
5 min read

A Guide to Data Lifecycle Management

Learn how data lifecycle management can help organizations maximize the value of data, while ensuring its protection.
Canadian flag waving in an open sky
Data Privacy
4.5 min read

Canadian Data Privacy Laws Roundup

Data privacy laws are continually changing. Read this blog for a round-up covering Canada’s federal, provincial and industry-related laws.
Binary numbers data matrix
Data Loss
5 min read

The Top Common Causes of Data Loss — and How to Prevent Them

Understand the latest attack trends affecting data loss and how your team can mitigate data loss risk.