Why Your Business Needs Data Driven Cybersecurity

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James Mignacca
January 18, 2023
James Mignacca
January 18, 2023
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In today’s increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Organizations of all sizes, and across all industries, are at risk of cyber threats that can damage their reputation, hit their bottom line and leave them falling foul of data privacy laws.

To improve data security and prevent attackers from stealing sensitive information, a cybersecurity strategy is essential.

In traditional cybersecurity plans, data had little to no role to play. These programs were typically managed in an ad hoc manner and manually handled by security analysts and other members of a company’s IT team.

However, as cybersecurity attacks have increased in complexity, businesses have developed more sophisticated cybersecurity strategies that use insightful data to better inform their tactics and reduce their overall risk.

In this blog, we take a look at why data driven cybersecurity is crucial for strengthening your company’s cybersecurity posture.

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What exactly is data driven cybersecurity?

Data driven cybersecurity is a modern approach to protecting organizations against cyber threats that involves the use of data analytics and machine learning techniques.

The goal of this approach is to use data to identify patterns and trends that can help inform cybersecurity strategy, and to use this information to more effectively detect and defend against cyber threats.

One key aspect of data driven cybersecurity is the collection and analysis of data on cyber attacks, vulnerabilities, and other security-related events. This data can be used to identify patterns and trends that can help organizations understand the types of threats they are facing and the methods that attackers are using to try to breach their defenses.

In addition to identifying patterns and trends, data driven cybersecurity also involves the use of machine learning algorithms to analyze data and identify potential threats. These algorithms can be trained to recognize patterns in data that may indicate the presence of a cyber threat, and can alert security teams to potential problems so that they can take action to prevent or mitigate the threat.

Why has data driven cybersecurity become more important?

Data driven cybersecurity is more important than ever before, primarily for two reasons.

Firstly, the typical organization's network of data is more complex than it has ever been before. IT teams have implemented distributed IT infrastructure to meet remote workforce needs, meaning cybersecurity can no longer focus on a company’s “traditional perimeter”. Cybercriminals today have more attack vectors that they can target.

Secondly, there is an increasing number, and increasing complexity, of cyber threats facing organizations. As technology continues to advance, cybercriminals are developing new and more sophisticated methods for attacking businesses and stealing sensitive data.

In order to effectively defend against these threats, organizations need to have a strong understanding of the types of attacks they are facing and the methods that attackers are using.

One key advantage of data-driven cybersecurity is that it allows organizations to proactively identify and respond to potential threats. By doing so, companies will have the insights they need to implement an effective cyber asset attack surface management strategy that mitigates the risk of cyber threat to their business.

To achieve data driven cybersecurity, you need visibility into your data

Overall, data driven cybersecurity is a powerful tool for organizations looking to improve their cybersecurity posture and protect themselves against cyber threats. By collecting and analyzing data on cyber attacks and vulnerabilities, organizations can better understand the types of threats they are facing and take proactive steps to prevent or mitigate those threats.

However, to achieve data driven cybersecurity, organizations must have visibility into where their data lives, how it is being used and who has access to it. An automated data discovery tool will give your business the data it needs to strengthen its cybersecurity posture.

Data discovery is the process of discovering, cataloging and classifying sensitive data across your company’s entire network. A data discovery tool will scan your company’s network, finding and identifying where structured and unstructured data resides across your business.

This provides your business the data it needs to identify, classify and track sensitive data across your entire environment, allowing you to better understand your cyber risk and ensure you are complying with data privacy regulations.

Are you interested in learning more about how your organization can improve its data protection strategy and better achieve data driven cybersecurity through the use of a data discovery solution? 

Cavelo has developed an innovative platform that helps businesses easily, and cost-effectively, adopt automated data discovery and classification so that they can gain complete visibility into and control over their data - no matter where it is.

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