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Two men sitting at a desk analyzing data on a computer monitor
Attack Surface Management
Best Practices
November 1, 2023

Attack Surface Management 101: What is it and How Has it Changed?

This blog explores popular attack surface threat vectors, and the steps businesses can take for attack surface management.
Woman at desk looking at monitor
Data Lifecycle Management
October 25, 2023

A Guide to Data Lifecycle Management

Learn how data lifecycle management can help organizations maximize the value of data, while ensuring its protection.
Canadian flag waving in an open sky
October 18, 2023

Canadian Data Privacy Laws Roundup

Data privacy laws are continually changing. Read this blog for a round-up covering Canada’s federal, provincial and industry-related laws.
Binary numbers data matrix
Data Loss
Best Practices
October 11, 2023

The Top Common Causes of Data Loss — and How to Prevent Them

Understand the latest attack trends affecting data loss and how your team can mitigate data loss risk.
Employee standing at the end of a data center hallway
Data Security
October 4, 2023

Big Data Security Issues—and 10 Best Practice Frameworks to Help Mitigate Them

This blog reviews primary data security risks associated with big data and the recommended frameworks companies can apply to safeguard big data.
Woman sitting at desk in front of two monitor screens
Data Governance
Data Protection
September 27, 2023

IT Governance: What is ISO 27701, and Why Does it Matter?

Learn how ISO 27701 principles and practices can be integrated into your organization’s broader cybersecurity framework to manage the attack surface.
Closeup of American flag
Data Protection
September 20, 2023

US Data Protection Laws - A Complete Guide

This blog looks at several GDPR-influenced US data protection and privacy laws and where they stand in 2023.
Corporate office workers having a discussion
Managed Service Provider
Attack Surface Management
September 13, 2023

MSP Insights: Prioritizing Top Attack Surface Use Cases

Businesses are increasingly seeking MSP partnerships. Learn how Cavelo addresses top attack surface use cases, minimizes risk, fosters differentiation and grows revenue.
Closeup of desk with two people writing on notepads
Cyber Insurance
September 6, 2023

Cyber Insurance Requirements: What Security Capabilities Do Insurers Look For?

This blog reviews the security capabilities cyber insurers look for, whether you’re taking out a new cyber insurance policy or renewing an existing one.
Two healthcare workers looking at a tablet
August 30, 2023

Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) - What You Need to Know

HIPAA covers a series of data privacy and security standards designed to protect health information—data discovery and classification can help businesses achieve compliance.
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