Achieve Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Swap costly spend and multiple data protection technologies for a simple, single pane of glass



Traditional data protection used to focus on a business’s perimeter and the assets (hardware and software) that operated within its “walls”. Yet today’s borderless workplaces mean the perimeter no longer exists and instead creates almost a limitless attack surface. Every asset is critical for the sensitive data it collects, stores and shares.  

The Challenge

As businesses continually add new assets they stretch their overall attack surface, increasing cyber risk and the likelihood of a data leak or security breach. 

Every business uses different methods and technologies to track digital assets and manage data protection. But using multiple technologies silo company data. As a result, businesses often lack complete visibility to the sensitive data they have, where it lives, and how it impacts their risk.  

Risks of limited or non-existent CAASM capabilities:

Data Silos

Data Silos

Data Risk

Poorly Protected Data


Incomplete Data Inventory


Regulatory Non-compliance

Data Exfiltration

Exfiltration of Data

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attacks


Reputational Damage


Financial Losses


Operational Risk


Incident Response

The Solution

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) starts with gaining and maintaining visibility to all of the digital assets the business uses, and the sensitive data they contain. With full visibility, businesses can establish an up-to-date inventory and leverage real data to make critical and time-sensitive response and remediation decisions.  

Understanding where sensitive data lives within the business, how it’s protected, where it’s been used and who has access to it supports regulatory requirements and data governance programs. 

CAASM provides:


Visibility to the entire environment, all in one centralized location.  


Data access and management to popular cloud services (including Office365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox and more) through built-in API connectors. 


Data integrity and tighter data access controls to ensure the right people have access to the right data.  


An asset catalog with classification types that align to the business.  


Auto-classification that identifies sensitive data types within the data inventory and defines relative data types.   


Remediation prioritization – ranking items in order of priority to lower the business’s risk of a breach.  

Let Cavelo handle CAASM with always-on asset discovery, data classification and risk benchmarking.

Here's how:

  • Drive operational and security decision making with real data using Cavelo’s query and reporting capabilities. 
  • Take advantage of agent-based and remote network scanning that provides you with an accurate and thorough vulnerability report. 
  • Customize the Cavelo dashboard and features to match your unique business requirements, use cases and regulatory frameworks.

The Cavelo Discover Platform offers pricing that's easy on your budget, and right-sized for your business

Depending on the type of business you are and the industry you operate in your data protection and compliance requirements will vary. That’s why the Cavelo Discover platform is offered as a right-sized platform that can meet your needs today and scale with your business, regardless of how many data sources, cloud applications and endpoints connect to the network. Our pricing model is simple and starts based on the number of data sources you’ve got on your network. 

Try before you buy 

We’re confident the Cavelo Discover platform will change the way you think about data discovery and compliance reporting, which is why we offer a no strings attached 30-day FREE trial and affordable monthly subscription packages. 


Does your business need CAASM?

Download our Buyer's Guide to CAASM and decide for yourself! Explore how Attack Surface Management (ASM) has changed and why new technologies like CAASM are necessary for better security hygiene and a stronger security posture. Inside you'll find CAASM use cases, best practice principles and a technology review to help you identify whether CAASM is right for your business.