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How Cavelo Compares to Traditional Security Technologies

Can you achieve cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) with your existing security tech stack?

Today thousands of cybersecurity products and services span nearly 30 technology categories. Odds are your business uses at least three of these technologies.

The industry’s current categories span capabilities that address the many layers that exist within modern IT infrastructure – the cybersecurity layer cake. Explore this table to map the most common legacy and emerging security technologies – and how Cavelo stacks up against them.

How the Cavelo platform supports attack surface management

Key pillars and services integrations give you the ability to customize the Cavelo dashboard to match your unique security use cases and regulatory frameworks.

Consolidating technologies and API integration for complete data visibility are core components of CAASM. The Cavelo platform consolidates costly spend and multiple technologies.

It’s a simple platform designed to help you and your team get a handle on your company’s assets and sensitive data, so you can protect it – all through a single pane of glass. Unlike other CAASM technology, Cavelo prioritizes data as a business’s most critical asset, and so platform functionality leads with sensitive data discovery.

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API Integrations

Access and manage data from popular cloud services like Office365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox and more with Cavelo’s built-in API connectors.

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Asset & Data Visibility

See your entire environment, all in one centralized location. The platform provides complete visibility into all assets that connect to your organization and all of the sensitive data those assets collect and store.

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Data Queries

Drive operational and security decision making with real data using Cavelo’s query and reporting capabilities.

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Comprehensive Data Classification And Data Inventorying

Auto-classify sensitive information like personal banking, social security and employment information based on your company’s unique environment and needs.

The platform’s always-on data discovery and classification capabilities auto-classify all data files by type, including picture and video files

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Vulnerability Management

Take advantage of agent-based and remote network scanning that provides you with an accurate and thorough vulnerability report. Agent-based scanning scans hosts capable of installing agents (like laptops, desktops and servers), and network  peripherals (including printers, switches and firewalls). All findings including affected hosts, open ports and affected software are pushed to your Cavelo dashboard with recommended mitigation and remediation guidance.

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Policy / Reporting

Leverage the platform's policy engine for rule-based alerting on sensitive data, permissions and company specific policies.

Automated high-level and comprehensive reporting supports audit trail tracking and compliance.

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