Simplify data privacy and regulatory compliance exercises

Implement the data discovery and classification policies and procedures your team needs to navigate routine audits



Over the last decade global, regional and industry regulators have put frameworks, regulations and laws in place to protect citizen data and hold organizations accountable as custodians of personally identifiable information (PII). The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  set a benchmark for data protection and data privacy requirements that continues to be replicated at regional, provincial and state levels.  

All businesses are held to the same standard when it comes to compliance requirements and are expected to adopt a compliance mindset, but many small and midsized businesses lag behind their larger peers when it comes to implementing controls to achieve compliance.

The Challenge

Smaller enterprises are able to pivot and adapt to changing regulatory requirements faster than larger enterprises but designating a full-time resource to time-intensive data privacy programs isn’t realistic for resource-strapped companies. As a result, the responsibility is usually divvied up between general counsel, product management or other roles that take on compliance-related tasks. 

In smaller organizations data access and inventory is a problem. Limited controls mean too many people have access to sensitive data, while inconsistent data inventories make it hard to keep track of what data types are collected and who can access them.  

Compliance is a mandatory requirement, not an optional exercise, so without appropriate policies and processes in place companies can fail compliance audits and face costly fines

Risks of Non-Compliance:


Data Loss


Data Privacy Risks




Breach Liability


Reputational Risk


Legal Action


Regulatory Non-compliance


Gaps in Policies and Procedures



The Solution

Cybersecurity and data privacy go hand-in-hand.  Adopting a privacy-first mindset starts with understanding the basics of the data privacy regulations that apply to the organization. Every framework outlines pillars that define data rules, restrictions and controls. By understanding what types of data your business has, why your organization collects it and how data is used can help to: 


Establish data privacy and compliance programs


Understand compliance requirements


Instill a privacy-first culture across the organization


Achieve compliance


Provide customer reassurance

Let the Cavelo platform do the heavy lifting when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Here's how:

  • Continuously update your data inventory, sensitive data classifications, data access permissions, and data risk posture.
  • Lower the complexity of compliance-based activities by maintaining a 10,000 ft view of your data landscape.
  • Look at the full picture or focus in on specific areas to answer the questions you need to keep your organization running smoothly.

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