Effectively audit and manage data permissions

Strengthen your business’s data access processes and gain a multi-dimensional view of your threat landscape



Data permissions administration is increasingly important as businesses work to harden identity and access management (IAM) in support of zero trust. Traditionally, data permissions were handled by system administrators and run through databases and authentication platforms like Active Directory.  

The Challenge

For years, data permissions management meant that IT teams would add individual permissions on an ad-hoc basis and as part of their organization’s standard onboarding and offboarding procedures. Traditional IT infrastructure made administration more manageable as data lived on servers housed inside the business’s four walls.  

But distributed workforces, rapid cloud adoption and a reliance on connected systems means that today sensitive data is copied, moved and shared to systems and collaboration tools that reside outside of the business.  

Legacy data permissions practices and technology make it impossible to audit data permissions based on a business’s sensitive information and where it lives. As a result, system administrators struggle to stay on top of data access. 

Risks of Limited and Manual Capabilities:


Regulatory Non-compliance


Risk of Breach


Risk of Data Exfiltration


Poor Hygiene


Breach Liability




Reputational Damage

The Solution

IT teams need to understand what sensitive data the organization has, so they can limit access to it.

Building an IAM foundation that starts with data discovery and classification ensures that document and data access is limited by its type and sensitivity. This helps teams apply appropriate permissions, accurately adjust permissions and run audit reports that support attack surface management. 


Align to industry best practices 


Reduce team time and task burden 


Achieve regulatory compliance 


Consolidate enterprise tools and save operational spend 


Gain a multi-dimensional view of the business’s overall threat landscape 

Let Cavelo simplify data permissions management.

Here's how:

  • Integrate with cloud services including Microsoft and Google and manage on-premises active directory, all through a single pane of glass.
  • Access regular reports that ensure data permissions align to the business’s access control policies.
  • Run audits to flag when configurations and permissions deviate from set controls.

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