Data Protection

Enhance Your Data Protection Strategy With Time-Tested Best Practices and Automated Solutions


Traditionally, security strategy used to focus on perimeter and legacy solutions to protect your business’s “castle” walls, but cloud adoption, a reliance on endpoints and today's distributed workforces mean that the traditional perimeter no longer exists.  

Instilling best practices and good hygiene are both key to staying on top of emerging vulnerabilities while strengthening your company's overall security posture. 

Map your sensitive data and unique vulnerabilities to best practice frameworks like the NIST cybersecurity framework and Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.


Stay on Track

Implement right-sized processes and controls that match your business’s risk and security maturity, enhancing your overall data protection strategy. 



Stay Secure

Make it easy for your employees to use your systems securely - and hard for them to violate data policies. 


Stay on Top of Risk

Keep on top of ever-evolving CVE vulnerabilities and limit access to sensitive data by external users with customizable dashboard controls.


Take Control of Your Company's Vulnerabilities

Take advantage of agent-based and remote network scanning that provides you with an accurate and thorough vulnerability report. Agent-based scanning scans hosts capable of installing agents (like laptops, desktops and servers), and network peripherals (like printers, switches and firewalls).  

Unlike other platforms, Cavelo doesn’t rely on speciality network devices for peripheral scanning. The Cavelo platform creates a secure, remote VPN connection to scan configured peripherals for open ports and known vulnerabilities which then disconnects and self-destructs when the scan is complete.  

All findings including affected hosts, open ports and affected software are pushed to your Cavelo dashboard with recommended mitigation and remediation guidance. 

How the Cavelo Data Protection Platform Works

Do you want to enhance your data protection strategy by increased visibility into your vulnerabilities? Here's how Cavelo's platform can help:


Manage organizational data policies by defining data access boundaries. 


Get alerted when company, customer or employee data lands somewhere it shouldn’t. 


Understand when you’re keeping sensitive data like customer or employee records longer than you should. 


Reduce false positives with richer threat intelligence. 


Improve threat detection across your security stack with data classification and an up-to-date data inventory. 


Respond to threats faster with real-time alerts and actionable insights. 

Cavelo Offers Pricing That's Easy on Your Budget, and Right-Sized for Your Business

Depending on the type of business you are and the industry you operate in your data protection and compliance requirements will vary.

That’s why the Cavelo platform is offered as a right-sized platform that can meet your needs today and scale with your business, regardless of how many data sources, cloud applications and endpoints connect to the network. 

Our pricing model is simple and starts based on the number of data sources you’ve got on your network. 

Try Before You Buy 

We’re confident the Cavelo platform will change the way you think about data discovery and compliance reporting, which is why we offer a no-strings-attached 30-day FREE trial, as well as affordable monthly subscription packages. 

Don't know where to start?

Sign up for a free vulnerability assessment to see what you're missing

Traditional vulnerability assessments offer point-in-time results that quickly expire and fail to give you an accurate picture of your business’s digital assets, the sensitive data they contain and the risks they produce. That leaves you in the dark when it comes to understanding your business’s overall attack surface. 

Sign up for your free vulnerability assessment and get a data risk report that uncovers risks and vulnerabilities that your current data protection methods can't detect.



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