Insider Series

Take a break and listen in.

Welcome to the Insider Series, where we're sharing war stories and insider perspective on IT and security challenges with folks working in the security trenches. Listen is as real industry experts share their vantage point and actionable tips you can use to make your risk management and IT security operations a little easier.

Episode 1: MSPs and Risk Management

Vinod Paul, COO at Align talks about risk management trends and why businesses can't rely on a silver bullet to wrangle risk management and threat mitigation. 



Episode 2: Risk Management Committees for Compliance and Insurance

Ben Tercha, VP of Operations at Omega Systems digs into industry-specific drivers, insurance requirements and how formalizing an internal risk committee can help risk management processes run smoothly.



Episode 3: Supply Chain Risk Management

George Kehayas, CEO and Founder at Yokoten Operations Management talks about the evolution of the supply chain, and how new and complex drivers are changing the way businesses should think about the supply chain.

Episode 4: Data Protection and Law Firms

Mark Sangster, cybersecurity strategist and author of No Safe Harbor: The Inside Truth of Cybercrime and How to Protect Your Business talks about what’s changed in the legal industry, and how law firms of all sizes can bolster their cybersecurity strategy.

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