Cavelo Launches Technology Advisory Board, Appoints Eldon Sprickerhoff as Founding Board Member

James Mignacca
April 12, 2023

Board Input to Guide Cavelo Product Development in Support of Rapid Customer Adoption

KITCHENER, Canada – April 12, 2023 – Attack surface management technology provider Cavelo Inc. today announced the formation of its Technology Advisory Board and the appointment of Eldon Sprickerhoff as its founding member.

In 2001 Sprickerhoff founded eSentire in response to growing demand for a proactive approach to preventing and investigating information security breaches. With more than thirty years of tactical information security experience, Sprickerhoff is the original pioneer of what is now referred to as Managed Detection and Response (MDR). He actively supports security start-up and scale-up founders through Caledon Ventures and Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst’s Cyber Accelerator mentorship.

“The best solutions in InfoSec solve a visibility problem,” said Sprickerhoff. “Modern organizations and teams that lack a line of sight to raw data across critical systems — which are currently siloed across legacy information security solutions that protect them — will face a greater risk of missing security gaps and potential failure of oversight.  The ideal solution offers direct access to raw data across both on-premises and cloud sources, to help teams derive insight, make real-time decisions, and effect controls to achieve positive security outcomes. Cavelo and its Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) platform is poised to unseat long-standing solutions and vendors thanks to its data discovery, classification and risk management capabilities.”

Sensitive data can move to potentially unsafe or unsecured locations as organizations add new servers, cloud services, applications and endpoints. Data proliferation, sprawl and orphanage across company systems introduces new security use cases and expands an organization’s attack surface. Increasing data volumes make understanding who has access to — and who has accessed — company data critical to threat mitigation and risk management.

The Cavelo platform combines security best practices and automated capabilities to help IT and security teams understand where sensitive company data resides, how the data is used and who has access to it. Powered by machine learning, the platform continuously scans on-premises and cloud servers, desktops, cloud applications and digital assets to identify, classify, track, protect and report on sensitive data. The platform provides complete visibility into data discovery, vulnerabilities, software deployments and data access, resulting in tools consolidation, cost savings and team efficiency. Built-in multi-tenancy allows for Managed Service Provider (MSP) workflow and ticketing system integration, creating ease of use through security tools consolidation.

“From day one our mission was to deliver a product that met the most pressing data protection needs of IT and security practitioners,” said James Mignacca, CEO at Cavelo. “Our team’s deep industry expertise has helped us continuously deliver advanced attack surface management capabilities. Product adoption across organizations and through channel partnerships has accelerated faster than anticipated. The formation of our Technology Advisory Board supports product evolution in step with our customers' emerging use cases.”

The Technology Advisory Board is comprised of security industry experts and senior executives across financial, legal and municipal services. Board member and panel input augments Cavelo’s leadership with critical technology and industry perspectives to address technology gaps, regulatory compliance drivers and attack surface risks.

“We’re honoured to welcome Eldon as the Board’s founding member,” said Mignacca. “He brings deep industry insight that will ensure that new platform capabilities will continue to drive value, particularly when it comes to threat mitigation and vulnerability management.”

Since its launch in 2021, Cavelo has raised more than $3.5M USD in seed funding and posted 758 per cent year-over-year revenue growth. Recognized as a 2022 CRN Emerging Vendor, the Cavelo platform counts more than 10,000 active agents in midmarket organizations across manufacturing, financial, legal and municipal services.

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Cavelo helps businesses achieve attack surface management with automated data discovery, classification and reporting. Its cloud compatible cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) platform continuously scans, identifies, classifies and reports on sensitive data across the organization, simplifying compliance reporting, vulnerability management and risk remediation. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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