Cavelo Recognized as an Outperformer in GigaOm Attack Surface Management (ASM) Radar Report

James Mignacca
March 28, 2024
Report Tracks ASM Market Evolution and Examines Top Solutions to Support Technology Decision-makers

KITCHENER, ON — March 28, 2024 — Attack surface management technology provider Cavelo Inc. today announced its recognition as a market ‘Challenger’ and ‘Outperformer’ in the third annual GigaOm Attack Surface Management Radar Report1.

The report examines 23 of the top ASM solutions in the market and compares offerings against capabilities (table stakes, key features, and emerging features) and non-functional requirements (business criteria) as outlined in the companion Key Criteria report. It provides an overview of the category and its underlying technology, identifies leading ASM offerings, and helps decision-makers evaluate these solutions so they can make more informed investment decisions.

"Cavelo exhibits a comprehensive understanding of the challenges associated with organizations' expanding and often complex attack surfaces,” said Chris Ray, Research Analyst at GigaOm. “While a relatively new entrant with a modest team, they have strategically leveraged their agility to rapidly develop targeted capabilities that directly address their customers' most pressing security concerns."

Cavelo offers a consolidated attack surface management platform that helps businesses manage and mitigate cyber risk. Asset discovery, identity and access management and risk-based vulnerability management capabilities combine to help IT and security practitioners discover sensitive data, apply access controls and identify and prioritize risk remediation.

Key Cavelo platform capabilities include:

  • Asset discovery — Automated device and asset discovery generates a real-time inventory with detailed classification of all sensitive data, including pictures and videos.
  • Active assessment of vulnerabilities — Risk-based vulnerability management helps security and IT practitioners identify, target and prioritize the greatest risks to their business based on contextualized CVSS and EPSS scores.
  • Internal ASM —Seamless integration with common workflow and security tools like ticketing systems, Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) and business intelligence tools ensure thorough data catchment.  
  • Risk scoring — Comprehensive risk benchmarking ranks cyber risk and pinpoints potential breach costs in real-time, and over time.
  • Asset categorization — Bespoke classification helps security and IT practitioners define assets and data by source, type, service, location and tags.

According to the report: “A standout feature of Cavelo is its internal ASM, which has been a core aspect of the platform since its inception, owing to its agent-based approach.”

“This report illuminates the spectrum of ASM technology, while underscoring the importance of accessible and cost-effective attack surface management solutions,” said James Mignacca, CEO at Cavelo. “The amount of data, and its distribution is exponentially increasing, complicating the threat landscape. IT and security practitioners need simplicity and the ability to be able to do more with less. Cavelo gives practitioners the practical context needed to gain a holistic view of their IT environment while minimizing risk.”

The report suggests that: “Cavelo is particularly suited for organizations focusing on compliance with SEC requirements, CMMC, NIST, and CCPA. Its capabilities make it a strong contender for businesses seeking thorough internal ASM and comprehensive vulnerability management.”

The Cavelo platform counts more than 20,000 active agents in organizations across manufacturing, financial, legal, and municipal services.

1GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management (ASM), Chris Ray, February 22, 2024

About Cavelo

Cavelo empowers businesses to proactively reduce their cyber risk and liability. Its consolidated attack surface management platform combines sensitive data and asset discovery, access management, and risk-based vulnerability management to simplify governance and compliance initiatives and risk remediation.

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