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Data Tracking

Continuously track and monitor your sensitive data

The Cavelo platform's data policy engine tracks your data wherever it lives within your organization, sending real-time alerts that flag and track data in motion - giving you time to act before data compromise.

Avoid a Cyber Breach Through Continuous Data Tracking

Having the ability to monitor, track and report on who has access to your growing volume of data is key to protecting it.
However, without complete visibility and an up-to-date inventory to monitor sensitive data over time, data can slip through the cracks and put your business at risk.

‍Distributed networks, remote workforces and cloud applications make it harder for teams to keep track of growing data volumes.
As a result, data management gaps can limit the functionality of the detection technology you rely on, like intrusion detection systems (IDS), vulnerability scanners and firewalls.


Build a comprehensive data inventory that helps you understand where sensitive data lives – and when it moves outside of your business.


Get the complete detailed and big-picture insights to understand where your data has been, where it is and where it might go next.


Understand your data lineage so you can optimize data protection and cyber awareness training decision making.

Get started today

Getting started is simple – the Cavelo platform downloads in minutes, installing its lightweight agent for turnkey set-up and onboarding. Take advantage of our innovative data tracking and monitoring so that your team can mitigate the risk of a data breach.

Here's how we can help:

Track and classify all data by type.

Institute data integrity and access controls.

Better identify organizational risk based on data types and sensitivity.

Get visibility to data in motion, not just data at rest.

Achieve faster time to respond to data risk.

Build and maintain an up-to-date data inventory supporting incident response requirements.

Not sure where to start? Take a Tour!

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Learn about our other core capabilities:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more popular platform questions.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as simple as requesting a demo. Once our team receives your request, a Cavelo Solutions Engineer will send you your login and agent download details.

How much does Cavelo cost?

The platform is right-sized for every business. It's priced and packaged by the number of data sources and employees your business has.

How do I access and log in to the portal?

Once the Cavelo agent is deployed you'll be able to log in, connect cloud services, start running scans, produce reports and publish data policies. You can log in to the dashboard here.

How do I deploy the agent?

After receiving your login details and accessing the dashboard, you'll be able to download agents directly from the Cavelo agents page.

Kind words from great customers

"We're able to target key compliance issues, take action to reduce risks effectively and deliver reports that are translated in language understood by executives."


Director, Information Technology, Chaitons LLP

"Our goal is to make Cavelo the cornerstone of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program and use its data discovery features to help us identify potential information leaks."

Robert Preduta

Director IT & Operations, WeirFoulds LLP

"The platform allows security and compliance professionals to identify risks related to data exposure and drive decision making to ensure the security of their data."

ben tercha

Vice President of Operations, Omega Systems

"Deployment was simple and the platform itself is easy to operate and easy to explain to team members."

vinod paul

Chief Operating Officer, Align

"Cavelo helps us to identify and track all the personally identifiable information (PII) stored on our systems and PCs. ... It was easy to install and we were up and running very quickly. The quick view dashboard of information is highly valuable."


Vice President, IT & Chief Information Officer

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