Say goodbye to manual processes and complicated compliance reporting

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When it comes to data discovery, data classification, data tracking and data management most businesses have to work with the limited resources they’ve got, like spreadsheets and disparate toolsets.

Data discovery and management doesn’t have to be complicated. Powered by machine learning, the Cavelo platform continuously scans your company’s cloud applications, cloud hosted servers, on-prem servers and on-prem desktops to identity, classify, track and manage sensitive data.


Here’s how it works

Getting started is simple – the Cavelo platform downloads in minutes, installing a lightweight endpoint agent for turnkey set-up and onboarding. 

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Benefit from machine learning that automatically uncovers sensitive data, reduces false positives and safely processes metadata through Cavelo’s cloud-hosted servers.



Access and manage data from popular cloud services like Office365, GSuite, Salesforce, Dropbox and more with Cavelo’s built-in API connectors.

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Auto-classify Personal Information based on your company’s unique environment and its needs.

Key Features

Every business is obligated to protect its data and manage its data privacy risk. The reality is that no matter what industry you operate in, your business must align to specific data protection compliance requirements like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry (PCI) security council standards, the U.S. Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and more. 

With its intuitive dashboard and customizable features, you can easily configure the Cavelo data management platform to match your business' unique requirements and regulatory frameworks.



Get real-time data reporting snapshots with Cavelo’s always-on data processing and analysis capabilities.



Create custom policies and alerts, access audit reports and manage compliance reporting through Cavelo’s easy-to-use dashboard.



Get alerts when sensitive data or Personal Information unexpectedly or accidentally leaves your endpoints and infrastructure.




Understand your risk with Cavelo's risk benchmarking and scoring, built using the NIST data privacy framework



Identify your company’s most vulnerable and valuable data so you can prioritize highest value remediations first.



Save time and money on compliance reporting with the Cavelo all-in-one reporting dashboard.



Build an audit trail to monitor how your company's data travels and control it if company equipment is lost or stolen.



Create custom policies and specific alerts for notification when data is moved to unapproved locations - like personal dropboxes.

Not sure which regulations impact your business?

Aligning to multiple requirements can be challenging, especially when every framework is unique to the industry or audience it serves. This matrix breaks down data discovery, classification and reporting definitions across global, regional and industry-specific regulators, so you can pinpoint the regulations that matter to your business. 

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We’re passionate about data discovery and risk management which is why we want you to try the Cavelo platform for free. We’re confident Cavelo data discovery and classification will change the way you look at risk management, reporting and compliance.

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Still not sure if Cavelo is right for you?

We’re here to help – our team of cybersecurity and data privacy experts would love to talk through compliance requirements and walk you through a Cavelo demo.