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Join the Cavelo team for insights on optimizing your security stack, leveraging the Cavelo platform, and minimizing your data risk.

No Data Left Behind: The Key to Effective Data Migration

21min 39sec
Without proper planning and execution, a data migration project can be complex and risky, leading to potential data loss, security breaches, and operational disruptions. Learn how continuous data mapping can ensure an effective and secure data migration process.
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Optimizing Vulnerability Management with Data Classification

27min 45sec
Learn how data classification serves as a crucial contextual driver for effective vulnerability management. While CVSS scores offer a valuable starting point, they fall short in providing a comprehensive risk assessment.
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Data Retention and Policies: Navigating the Path to Compliance and Data Security

25min 23sec
Learn how integrating data classification insights empowers organizations to prioritize and address vulnerabilities based on the sensitivity and criticality of their data, resulting in a more targeted and resilient cybersecurity strategy.
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Is Your DLP Running? You Better Go Catch It.

12min 5sec
It's important to tune your DLP solution to the real problem you're experiencing today, and data discovery and classification can support that. Which brings us to our question: Is your DLP running?
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