Cavelo Launches Asset Discovery Module for Continuous Internal Network Scanning and Attack Surface Mitigation

James Mignacca
May 1, 2024
Capability Provides Comprehensive Visibility to Digital Assets Across the IT Environment, Supporting Attack Surface Management and Compliance Initiatives

KITCHENER, ON — May 1, 2024 — Attack surface management technology provider Cavelo Inc. today announced the launch of its asset discovery module to automate the identification, classification and prioritization of critical IT and digital assets. The asset discovery module is available as part of Cavelo’s consolidated Attack Surface Management platform.

As organizations add IT and digital assets to company networks, the sensitivity of those assets and the data they contain can affect and change the attack surface in unpredictable ways, increasing an organization’s risk of breach. The proliferation of digital assets makes asset management critical for attack surface management (ASM) and compliance initiatives. However real-time tracking and full visibility is challenging to achieve through disparate software or manual methods.

“Many teams are adopting AI-supported asset discovery toolsets and standalone SaaS solutions to identify, categorize and track digital assets,” said James Mignacca, CEO at Cavelo. “But these tools alone aren’t powerful enough — they produce enormous amounts of data that make it challenging for teams to parse and action. The Cavelo platform and its asset discovery module is an antidote to the mass data volumes that teams and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) must sift through. The platform provides the context and specificity they need to appropriately mitigate attack surface risk and satisfy compliance requirements.”

The asset discovery module from Cavelo continuously scans internal company networks. It discovers, classifies and prioritizes digital assets by type and sensitivity, and provides complete visibility into the IT environment. The up-to-date IT and digital asset inventory it provides supports risk management, compliance and ASM initiatives.

Key asset discovery module capabilities include:

  • Asset discovery — Automated and continuous device, asset and data discovery.  
  • Classification — Detailed classification of all digital assets and the sensitive data they contain (including pictures and videos) provides an up-to-date and real-time data inventory.
  • Customization — Configurable automated scans allow for alerts when unauthorized devices are added to the network.
  • Network visualization — Full visibility to all assets running in the organization’s internal networks and subnets helps practitioners identify missing software and find rogue or forgotten assets.
  • Risk mapping —Identifying and prioritizing networks that are at a higher risk of breach.
  • Compliance — Demonstratable asset management and security control coverage across all network assets.
  • Governance —Enabling allow or disallow network access based on device type, and assurance that non-compliant new devices will generate an auditable event.  
  • Internal ASM —Seamless integration with common workflow and security tools like ticketing systems, Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) and business intelligence tools ensure thorough data catchment and an improved security posture.  

Cavelo’s consolidated attack surface management platform helps businesses manage and mitigate cyber risk with data discovery, access controls and risk prioritization and remediation. The Cavelo platform was recognized as an ‘Outperformer’ in the 2024 GigaOm Attack Surface Management (ASM) Radar Report. According to the report: “A standout feature of Cavelo is its internal ASM, which has been a core aspect of the platform since its inception, owing to its agent-based approach.”

“Successful ASM is achieved by effectively overlaying rich telemetry and information,” said Mignacca. “Data is every organization’s most important asset, and its greatest risk. The Cavelo platform combines data and asset discovery, classification, identity and access management and risk-based vulnerability management in an actionable way that helps teams contain and mitigate attack surface risk.”

The Cavelo platform counts more than 20,000 active agents in organizations across manufacturing, financial, legal and municipal services.

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Cavelo empowers businesses to proactively reduce their cyber risk and liability. Its consolidated attack surface management platform combines sensitive data and asset discovery, access management, and risk-based vulnerability management to simplify governance and compliance initiatives and risk remediation.

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